A Comenius project with "Alexander-von-Humboldt-Schule, Viernheim; FENERBAHÇE LİSESİ, Istanbul;
ITIS "GALILEO FERRARIS", Napoli; Zespół Szkół Gimnazjalno, Poznan
EU-Roots (your roots)

Greetings from Hagia Sophia/Istanbul

“EU-ROOTS” - what binds us together

It is known that countries have historical, cultural and geographical roots in common which have formed today's regional cultures. The importance of EU-ROOTS is linked to :

- Migration movements in Europe are known to be the most important key factors which have mutual impacts on the migrating and migrated societies. ( from roman settlements to workforce migration from the mediterranean regions to the north of Europe)
- Traffic routes (e.g. "Silk Road" caused people to trade with each other, which brought about mutual interaction)
- Religious influences (christianising process in european societies)
- Literature and art

In order to promote self-organised learning, the project is focused on teamwork in topics as
- search for local historical sources, that might connect us e.g in archaeological excarvations, museums…
- explore common roots in the field of arts / theatre: what do we have in common, what is different

We would like to promote the different aspects of this project by developing and sharing them not only with other European schools, but also with local institutions including other schools and institutions such as cultural clubs and organisations.

This partnership aims at:
- knowing and understanding the common roots and cultural differences of European societies
- increasing tolerance towards cultural differences
- evaluating social facts supporting or obstructing the process of European integration
- increasing attractiveness of learning by means of historical and cultural analysis and field excursions, a variety of information sources, collaboration with institutions of interests and widespread use of ICT and foreign languages.






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