A Comenius project with "Alexander-von-Humboldt-Schule, Viernheim; FENERBAHÇE LİSESİ, Istanbul;
ITIS "GALILEO FERRARIS", Napoli; Zespół Szkół Gimnazjalno, Poznan
EU-Roots    (your roots)

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Social Rules:
School Rules at the ITIS 'Ferraris'

This video is about the school rules at the ITIS 'Galileo Ferraris' in Naples. It is one of the final products of the COMENIUS 2011-2013 EU-Roots - What Binds Us Together, that our students have completely made by themselves, using the technological resouces available at the school, in accordance to the common task of treating some aspects of the 'Social Rules' which there are in the four different countries involved in this project.

May 2013

Naples Music Show
        'The Neapolitan Song' 

Some students and teachers of the ITIS 'Ferraris' realised this fantastic show about the Neapolitan traditions in which they played and sung some of the most worldwide known and appreciated popular Neapolitan songs. Moreovere, there was a group of very good students who danced on the music of two famous  Neapolitan tarantellas.

The show was perfectly conducted by our fantastic 'Pulcinella'!

The show was made to welcome and please our foreign partners coming from Viernheim (Germany), Istanbul (Turkey) and Poznan (Poland), who were in Naples to attend the Italian COMENIUS 2011-2013 EU-Roots - What Binds Us Together Meeting, from 14th to 19th April 2013.

At the Auditorium 'Giuseppe Esposito' of the ITIS 'G. Ferraris', Naples - Italy, 18th April 2013

           Poznan Tower Hall Clock

The famous clock of the Tower Hall in the Old Market Square in Poznan, Poland, makes every day at midday its show for hundreds of tourists coming from all over the world. The battle of the two goats, which are also the symbol of the city, is daily repeated by this historical mechanical clock dating from the 18th century.

We were in Poznan and watched it on 3rd oct. 2012 

Zespół Szkół Gimnazjalno-Licealnych, Poznan

Wicked and Rattan Baskets Workshop

During the Poznan's meeting, at the Zespół Szkół Gimnazjalno-Licealnych, the students took part to three workshops. This is one on the three: wicked and rattan baskets, during which, under the guide of valid craftship masters, they learned how to make a basket with their own hands!

2nd Oct. 2012

Stained Glass Worshop

The second one of the workshops at the Zespół Szkół Gimnazjalno-Licealnych in Poznan. This time the students learned how to make decorative objects, mostly jewels, with the ancient technique of the stained glass. They were instructed and guided by a very good teacher.

2nd Oct. 2012

Ceramics Workshop

The third workshop was dedicated to ceramics making, starting from the manipulation of clay.

2nd Oct. 2012

Istanbul Meeting br>       16th-19th Jan. 2012

This video is a collection of some of the hundreds of photos taken by the students (Italian, Turkish, German and Polish) and teachers who took part at the first Comenius EU-Roots - What Binds Us Together meeting, held in Istanbul from 16th to 19th Jan. 2012. This is the tribute of the ITIS "Galileo Ferraris", Naples, to celebrate those fantastic days.

May 2012


The 'Libum' was a typical food - made of fresh cheese ricotta, honey and spices - dating back to the ancient Rome period. Emanuela Russo and Martina Flaminio, two students of the ITIS Ferraris in Naples, prepared it from the original recipe by themselves. They cooked it to give an historical example of what our common ancestors ate at those times.

We ate it, and we can say it was delicious!

March 2012

San Paolo Maggiore Basilica, Naples.

Visit to the Roman ruins beneath the Basilica of San Paolo Maggiore in Naples and to the cloister of the church of San Gragorio Armeno.

4th Nov. 2011