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Residential buildings

Most Romans lived in the cities but in rented accommodations, called " cenaculum ." In Rome and in other cities of the Roman Empire there were  residential several storybuildings . In such a tenement , people could live many years or only a few months or days.  Only very rich people could afford their own villa  .

In a 5-storey apartment building could live up to 20 families . There was a law that the high apartment buildings were built only in the Insular on the north and west side of town. In apartment buildings from the imperial period there could be found shops ground floor. The most beautiful apartments with balconies were on the second floor . Slaves and servants living on the top. The noble Roman villa had an open central courtyard in the center (atrium ) . People walked in through a small vestibule ( Vestibilum ) .


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Wealthy Romans were able to afford even a "central heating" in their villa . These were developed by the Romans for their baths ( thermal baths ) . In an anteroom underground fire heated the air, which was then routed under the floor. Tiles in the floor and sometimes in the walls warmed up and heated the room .


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